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Welcome back to another DRC monthly update! April and early May was a busy month for DRC as we saw the expansion of the Digital Reserve Vaults, increased marketing efforts, and an appearance at the Boston Blockchain Conference. We’ll go over what was accomplished over the last month as well as what is planned for May.

Looking Back

The Digital Reserve

DRC released the third Digital Reserve vault based on a portfolio proposed by DRC Core Contributor Josh and approved by the overall community. The third Digital Reserve Vault includes the following allocations:

$FARM (Harvest Reward Token) — 35%

$MPH (88mph Reward…

A Potential Store of Value in the Digital Age

Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) Logo

Global Demand for SoV

Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) is a digital asset created out of the need for a digital store of value (SoV) in today’s world. Due to a global recession and a destabilized global financial system, the necessity for a decentralized, transferrable, and digital SoV is more critical now than ever.

Bitcoin, created in 2009 as a result of the financial recession in 2007, has played a key role in demonstrating the need for a global financial system that is decentralized and out of any one government’s control. …

DRC Digital Reserve Currency

Welcome back for another monthly DRC update! We had an amazing month from the release of the Digital Reserve to an exponential increase in holders, and a whole lot more. We will be discussing what was accomplished in March as well as looking ahead to April for what is in store next.

Looking Back

Let us start off with the Digital Reserve. Releasing ahead of the Q1 deadline, Digital Reserve Currency released Digital Reserve Vaults 1 and 2 on March 3rd. Users have a choice between two portfolios meant to hedge against market conditions and preserve capital by diversifying a user’s DRC…

DRC Digital Reserve Currency

DRC is back with another monthly update! We have had an exciting month for February and an even more exciting month ahead. Let’s go over what was accomplished in February and early March as well as what is planned for the next month.

Looking Back

In February, we were able to fully complete the coding and implementation of the Digital Reserve. After auditing and testing, both Vault 1 and Vault 2 were deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet on March 3rd, 2021. We would like to thank If.x and Cryptographr for their dedicated work in completing the Digital Reserve. We would…

Graphics available on the Telegram page @DRC_Memes

DRC is back for another monthly update!

In this month’s article, we wanted to go over what was accomplished in January and talk about our plans for the month of February.

Looking Back

January was another month of growth and expansion for DRC. The number of wallets holding DRC, members in our Telegram, and followers on Twitter all grew considerably as the number of people learning about Digital Reserve Currency continued - with the help of our community, as well as marketing. DRC also appreciated in value compared to the month of January as investors learn about DRC’s use case as a…

January 2021 Update

Digital Reserve Currency (DRC)
Digital Reserve Currency (DRC)

Happy New Year everyone! In this month’s update, we wanted to touch on a few things that took place in December, as well as talk about what is in store for this month.

Looking Back

December was a great month for DRC. With a steady, healthy climb in both value and holders, DRC is building great historical performance as a digital Store of Value asset. The community has been engaging and supportive, with newcomers joining daily. Our press release in Bloomberg helped DRC to increase the size of its community, and our international reach is growing as our Africa and Chinese Telegrams…

In this interview, we discuss Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) and how it was created.

The interview was conducted by the DRC Community on 11/04/2020.

1. Tell us a little about your yourself and your background.

I have a legal background and have worked over ten years as General Counsel with international banks in Moscow, Russia. In 2016, I graduated from Duke University with an MBA and made a transition from law to finance. I then moved to Washington, D.C., where I established an investment advisory firm named Digital Finance, which was initially focused on alternative investments. Currently, Digital Finance specializes exclusively on the Bitcoin market. From 2017 to 2019, I managed Black Square Capital…

Digital Reserve Currency (DRC Token)
Digital Reserve Currency (DRC Token)


COVID-19 pandemic has caused a substantial disruption of the global economy. To preserve its stability, central banks across the globe have significantly eased monetary policy by cutting policy rates and provided enormous liquidity to the market. However, fiscal and monetary policies implemented because of the economic crisis have exposed serious vulnerabilities in the current financial system. Historically, the increase in the money supply causes inflation and reduces purchasing power. …

Digital Reserve

Digital Reserve Currency was designed to become a decentralized digital store of value with a limited supply and a zero inflation rate.

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